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About purchasing So-U works posted on Instagram

Here are some frequently asked questions about purchasing works posted on Instagram.Please refer.

All the works posted on Instagram are So-U original works of hand-building. Please note that the desired work may not be available or may not be on sale.

If you have a work you would like to purchase, please contact us first! Thank you.

For inquiries, please use the following method!

Direct mail: so-u☆ change ☆ to @)
or from DM of Instagram

You can also use Inquiry form on this site.

We will inform you of the details and price of the work you want to purchase.
The price depends on the work.
Reference price: matchawan 300〜2,000 USD level
You can also make chawan at the atelier. Please contact us including your request and budget.

The matchawan will be delivered with a signature on a standard box.(See photo: below)

The shipping fee will vary depending on the size and packing condition, so it will be charged separately.

The payment method is supported by PayPal.

Thank you.
Urasenke Tea Ceremony Association 己月
Presided over Sato So-U

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matchawan:water vapor So-U

water vapor So-U

Details of the work and box book (sample)

matchawan 大地 soil


大地 soil 2020 So-U
SIZE : height 70mm width 123mm (Diameter)

(Shipping fee is not included)

matchawan Box





How to order : email or Order form
payment method PayRal
Please email the following items.

After receiving the email, we will check by international mail to make sure you can send your order.
We will email you the payment method.
After confirming payment, it will be shipped to your address.
You will be notified by email that the shipment has been completed.
1.NAME address
3.Phone Number
4.Shipping address
5.Order&Price (for confirmation)

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